Town Departments/Offices

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The Administration Department directs and coordinates the operation of the Town and works to provide the highest level of service to meet the needs of our citizens and visitors. 

Animal Control

The Animal Control Division’s goal is to provide a safe community environment for our citizens, families and their pets by enforcing the Town's ordinances regarding animals. They also operate and maintain an animal shelter.

Buildings and Grounds

The Buildings and Grounds Division provides first-rate care and and maintenance of Town property.


The Finance Department plans, organizes, and directs all financial activities of the Town.


The Fire Department's objective is to minimize the risk of fire and other hazards throughout the Town, keeping people and their homes safe.

Fleet Maintenance

The Fleet Maintenance Division provides or arranges repairs for all in-house vehicles and equipment.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Division works to support employee recruitment, retention, engagement and overall productivity.

Information Technology

The Management Information Systems Division provides technical support to all Town departments.

Ocean Rescue

The Ocean Rescue Division provides professional and highly trained lifesaving operations to Town beach-goers.

Planning and Inspections

The Planning and Inspections Department manages growth and redevelopment in the Town.


The Police Department's priority is to protect the lives and property of our citizens and visitors.

Public Information

The Public Information Division is responsible for creating and enabling communication between a government organization and both the general public and news media outlets.

Public Services

The Public Services Department is responsible for the construction, repair, and maintenance of Town streets, storm water management, solid waste collection, and water services: providing a safe water supply to customers, water distribution and customer billing, installation and maintenance of water lines and meters.