Water Plant & Operations

The Water Plant Division staff are committed to improving and maintaining public health protection of our drinking water utility assets. They strive to provide the highest quality drinking water services possible. 

Water in drinking glass

Where does the drinking water come from?

Our drinking water is purchased from the Dare County Regional System. The water originates from fresh and brackish-water wells.

Is the water safe to drink?

At this time our drinking water meets all state and federal drinking water standards.

Where can I get my water tested?

Several commercial laboratories are available for drinking water tests. The water plant staff will assist you with questions concerning your water, 252-480-4088.

2021 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report Check out the Annual Water Quality Report, which shares sampling results, health information and answers questions you may have about our water supply.  

Water System Master Plan The Water System Master Plan was adopted by the Town as the detailed description of the Town's services and plan for projected population growth and water service needs for our community.

Water Shortage Response Plan The Water Shortage Response Plan outlines conservation measures to be taken in case of a declared shortage of a potable water supply.