Water Distribution

The Town’s Water Distribution Division works to ensure and protect water quality, flow, and pressure for our customers. They maintain and improve the portable water delivery infrastructure using state certified water distribution personnel to provide efficient and timely installation and repairs to damaged water facilities.

badger water meter

Water Meter Installation, Maintenance, and Reading

Staff install and make repairs to water meters. All meters are read regularly. We do not estimate usage for billing.

Our meters include radio read technology that allows the meters to be read from a laptop computer. This radio read technology has several advantages. They report to a "finer" resolution of 10 gallons as opposed to our older meters reading 1,000 gallons. This is important in detecting small leaks. The radio read technology stores usage data that can be used to identify a leak (defined as any continuous usage 10 gallons per hour for a 24-hour period.) The radio read sends an alert or leak alarm to our laptops when read if a leak has been detected.  

Maintenance of Fire Hydrants

Twice a year, Staff conduct a fire hydrant flushing initiative. Flushing fire hydrants improves the quality of the water our residents use every day. It also helps to identify any mechanical issues with our water service so that we can ensure that we have good water service during emergencies. Along with flushing, we also gather flow data on the hydrants, which helps us to determine which hydrants are the best ones to connect to during fire-related emergencies.

Hydrant Flushing

Call 811 before you dig

If you have plans to dig, be sure to call 811 or 1-800-632-4949 to have water lines on your property flagged before you begin.