Town Attorney

Mr. Casey Varnell serves as Kill Devil Hills' Town Attorney at the pleasure of the Board of Commissioners. We respectfully request citizens and property owners work on all issues through appropriate staff members at the Town Hall who will channel legal concerns to Mr. Varnell's attention.


In addition to the duties and responsibilities outlined in the Kill Devil Hills Town Code, and any such other duties and responsibilities that from time to time may be conferred on the Town Attorney by the Board of Commissioners, the Town Attorney shall:

  • Advise the Board of Commissioners, Town Manager or any other officer of the Town in regard to matters connected with the Town’s business;
  • Prosecute and defend suits against the Town;
  • Attend meetings of the Board of Commissioners;
  • Draw such deeds, contracts, bonds, notes and other legal papers as may be required for the proper conduct of the Town’s business;
  • Draw such ordinances as may be directed by the Board or Town Manager;
  • Approve all ordinances as to form.