Building Permits and Inspections

The majority of the permitting process can now be handled through our online portal. However, if preferred, printed applications are still able to be handled in office. For any questions about permitting or the process of obtaining a permit, please contact our department at (252) 449-5318 or email

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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  1. When is a permit needed?

Depending on the type of proposed development, a building, zoning, flood, erosion control, C.A.M.A, etc. permit may be required. Below are also common projects that require permitting, but every project is unique. To inquire about what, if any, permits you will need for your project, please call our office at (252) 449-5318. 

  • All new construction, additions, and remodel/repair jobs
  • Any plumbing, electrical, mechanical work, regardless of cost
  • Fences
  • Storage sheds and accessory structures

For residential permits, you can also reference our Residential Permitting Matrix Guide. ***However, please note: This matrix serves as a guideline, so depending on the project, there may be additional applications/materials that are required. If you have any additional questions, or need further clarification about the documents needed for your project, please contact our office, and we would be happy to assist you.

  1. What do I need to obtain a permit?
  1. How do I request an Inspection?