Planning and Zoning

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Land Use Plan: 

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Under the provisions of the NC Coastal Area Management Act, all coastal counties must prepare and update guidelines and policies for land use development within their jurisdictions. Such documents, commonly known as Land Use Plans (LUPs), provide local elected officials with a set of guidelines for development patterns and other land use issues that are important to the community.

Land Use Plans include policies on various topics, and implementation activities for the policies. Typically, LUPs include policies on such issues as water quality, residential and commercial development patterns, beach access, oceanfront and estuarine development, stormwater management, wastewater, and transportation.

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Commercial Site Plan Review Process:

Prior to preparing a site plan for commercial, multi-family and special use applications, the preparer should obtain a site plan requirements list from the Planning Department. 

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If you have any questions about the Town’s Commercial Site Plan Review process, please contact Senior Planner Ryan Lang.