C.A.M.A. Information

Local Permit Officer for C.A.M.A Minor Permits in Kill Devil Hills: Donna Elliott

The NC Division of Coastal Management, under the direction of the Coastal Resources Commission, in cooperation with local governments in the 20-county coastal area has developed a program of permit review and coordination within these areas of environmental concern. Each county has a Local Permit Officer (LPO) on staff to assist its residents with the C.A.M.A. rules. As a rule of thumb, any development along the oceanfront or estuarine shoreline is impacted by C.A.M.A. regulations. Depending on the scope of development, either a minor, major or general C.A.M.A. permit may be necessary before commencing work.

For major or general C.A.M.A. permits, contact the Elizabeth City district office at (252) 264-3901.

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