Dangerous Animal Appeal Board


The Dangerous Animal Appeal Board has three regular members and one alternate member and they meet on an as-needed basis. Their purpose is to hear appeals from the Police Chief's determination that a dog or an animal is dangerous or potentially dangerous.

The Process

A specific process is in place if the Chief of Police receives a report that an animal is dangerous or potentially dangerous. 

1. The Animal Control Officer shall promptly investigate the report and upon completion of the investigation present the findings of such investigation to the Chief of Police.

2. Upon receipt of the investigative report, the Chief of Police shall determine whether there is probable cause to believe that the animal which is the subject of the report is a dangerous or potentially dangerous animal and then:

  • Notify the owner in writing, giving the reasons for the determination, before the animal may be considered dangerous or potentially dangerous.
  • Notify animal control of the Police Chief's determination and direct that the animal be seized and impounded until final disposition is deemed.
  • Notify the owner that they may appeal the determination by filing written objections with the Dangerous Animal Appeal Board within three days and provide the address at which to deliver such notice of appeal.
  • Direct the owner to immediately deliver the animal to Kill Devil Hills Animal Shelter if not previously seized by Kill Devil Hills Animal Control to be impounded until the animal's disposition is determined as provided herein.

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