Multi-Use Paths and Sidewalks

The Town of Kill Devil Hills continues to work to improve and maintain a pedestrian-friendly culture by implementing pedestrian-related projects and facility improvements. Many of these projects are part of the 2012 Pedestrian Plan, which provides guidance for pedestrian facilities as well as prioritization. It also highlights the needs of the community and provides recommendations for projects, programs and policies to create a pedestrian-friendly community.

Since adoption of the Plan in 2012, significant progress has been made in Kill Devil Hills. Since 2012, sidewalks along the west side of the Town increased from 8,901 ft. to 15,359 ft., this effort completed both sides of US 158 south of Colington Road. In addition, sidewalks along the east side of the Town have increased from 5,915 ft. to 9,391 ft. This results in a total of approximately 2.1 miles of sidewalks being installed along the US 158 Highway in 10 years. Areas other than the main corridor in Kill Devil Hills have received 22,561 ft. or 4.1 miles of completed sidewalks and multi-use paths since 2012. This includes the Bay Drive multi-use path and recently installed sidewalks on East Martin Street and West Third Street, which portions are still under construction.

By constructing and sustaining a safer and more accessible system, with sidewalks, multi-use paths, and safer intersections, to navigate through Kill Devil Hills, the Town is providing its residents and visitors with easier access to and from places, a healthy lifestyle and recreational opportunities, improved air quality, a cost-savings method to transportation and reduced traffic congestion. Overall, the Town’s effort to construct sidewalks and multi-use paths has improved the quality of life in Kill Devil Hills. The Town continues to work towards providing a safer place for everyone.