April 8, 2019 Board of Commissioners Meeting


NOTICE is hereby given that on Monday, April 8, 2019 at 5:30 o’clock p.m. the Kill Devil Hills Board of Commissioners will hold a regular meeting in the Meeting Room at the Administration Building, 102 Town Hall Drive, off Colington Road.  The public is cordially invited to attend. 

Call to Order 

Pledge of Allegiance and Moment of Silence 

Agenda Approval

Public Comment 

Response to Public Comment 

Introductions and Presentations

Old Business

1.    Chapter 111: Special Events – Charitable Events 

New Business

1.         Update to KDH Shoreline Access Plan

2.         Recommended Amendment to Chapter 94. Animals – to adopt regulations applicable to the new dog park

Committee Reports

Commissioners’ Agenda

Mayor’s Agenda

Town Manager’s Agenda 

Town Attorney’s Agenda 

Consent Agenda

1.    Minutes

    A.    March 11, 2019

2.    Monthly Report 

    February 2019

3. Schedule public hearings on requested amendments to Chapter 153, Zoning: 

A. §153.176 Commercial Zone Permitted Uses and §153.076(D) Off-Street Parking and Loading, Table of Parking Requirements – to add Brewery as a Permitted Use and create parking standard for Brewery with secondary uses

B. §153.101 Ocean Impact Residential (OIR) Zone (A) Setbacks – (5) reduce side yard setback to ten feet for all cluster housing and cottage courts in the OIR

Public Comment 

Response to Public Comment


Posted this 3rd day of April 2019. 

James Michael O’Dell 

Deputy Town Clerk