Kill Devil Hills Land Use Plan

Land Use Plan Approved by Town of Kill Devil Hills

At its September 14, 2020, meeting, the Board of Commissioners approved the Land Use Plan update and adopted the following resolution:  

Resolution of the Board of Commissioners of the Town of Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, Adopting the Town's CAMA Land Use Plan Update

Planning Board Approves Final Draft of Land Use Plan; Forwarded to Board of Commissioners

At its July 21, 2020, meeting, the KDH Planning Board approved the final draft of the Land Use Plan (LUP), and forwarded it to the Board of Commissioners, recommending approval.  The Board of Commissioners may set a September 14, 2020, public hearing for the LUP at its August 10, 2020, meeting.  

Land Use Plan LUP logo

LAND USE PLAN - FINAL DRAFT Available for Review

To review the final draft of the Land Use Plan, select: Land Use Plan

Land Use Plan Review by Planning Board

The Planning Board reviews the final draft of the Town's Land Use Plan at its March 19, 2019, meeting.  To access the draft, visit: Land Use Plan

(please note: the Land Use Plan is a large file and may take some time to download)

This video, produced in conjunction with Current TV, highlights the KDH Land Use Plan, its purpose, and the update process.  

Joint Land Use Plan Worksession with Board of Commissioners and Planning Board

For downloadable / printable joint worksession materials, please select the following link: Worksession Materials

2007 and 2017 Land Use Plan Citizen Survey Results Compared

To provide more insight into trends of our citizens' opinions, we have compared the results of like questions on the 2007 and 2017 Citizen Surveys:

LUP Citizen Survey Comparison 

                                    Land Use Plan Website Developed

LUP Website 2018

Click Here to Visit:

As part of the Town's Land Use Plan Update, a Citizen Participation Plan has been developed.  Included in that outreach to our residents and visitors is a Land Use Plan website for sharing information and updates on the project.


Land Use Plan Survey Results

Thank you Kill Devil Hills for participating in the survey!!!

As part the of the Land Use Plan Update, the Board of Commissioners wanted to conduct a public opinion survey, even though no longer required by the CAMA Land Use Pan Regulations. The Board wanted to gauge public opinion on several key issues facing the Town now and in the future. 

The 2017 Land Use Plan Survey was conducted using the online survey tool, Survey Monkey. There were filters applied to the survey to prevent multiple surveys being completed from a single IP address. The survey consisted of 30 questions previously reviewed and approved by the Board of Commissioners. Included in those question were four open-ended questions for the public to freely express their opinion. The survey was released online at the end of August 2017 and was closed early October 2017. During that time, 1,625 survey responses were completed.

Below is a link to the data results from the 2017 Land Use Plan Survey. Each Question is broken down two ways: 

  • First, graphically in a bar graph with the legend at the bottom. 
  • Second, statistically, with percentages and actual survey numbers. 

The four comment questions have been given to HCP Consultants, the Town's Land Use Plan Update consultant, to sort and assess. The responses will be discussed further as the update process moves forward.

Review the LUP Survey results here: 


If you have any questions please call the Planning Department at 252-449-5318.