Can I drive on the beach?
Yes, beach driving is allowed October 1 through April 30, provided you have obtained a beach driving permit either from the Town of Kill Devil Hills or the Town of Nags Head. Through a reciprocal program, each town recognizes the beach driving permit issued by the other.

To apply for a beach driving permit in the Town of Kill Devil Hills, an applicant must complete an application at the Finance Department cashier’s counter, located on the second floor of Town Hall, 102 Town Hall Drive. Information needed:

• Vehicle license plate number
• Vehicle identification number (VIN) – located on vehicle, registration card or insurance certificate
• Payment – Kill Devil Hills accepts cash, check, credit or debit cards

Since the seasonal and temporary permits allow access to drive on Nags Head’s beaches, the applicant will receive copies of the Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head Beach Driving Access Maps and regulations.

Permit Cost Length of Time Placement on vehicle

Seasonal $25 October 1 – April 30 Left front bumper

Temporary $10 Up to 14 days from issue Visible from driver’s side windshield
during driving season

For specific beach driving questions, please refer to Town Code Section 96, Seaside Regulations.

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