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Love Your Live Oak Adoption Application

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  2. Love Your Live Oak Adoption Application
  3. Applications will be collected through the last day of the year for review in January. One application per property owner.

    Help Kill Devil Hills beautify your neighborhood by planting a native live oak. The Kill Devil Hills Community appearance Commission would like to continue their Live Oak initiative by offering a young live oak tree to any Kill Devil Hills property owner that can meet the below criteria, limited to one tree per property owner.



  4. I am a property owner in the town of Kill Devil Hills.*
  5. I have space on my Kill Devil Hills property that allows for a live oak to mature.*
  6. I have the perfect spot to plant a live oak on my Kill Devil Hills property that is at least 15 feet from any structure (house, driveway, drain field).*
  7. I will follow all watering and fertilizing instructions until the tree is established.*
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