Streets Division


To oversee and coordinate street and drainage improvements projects as approved by the Board of Commissioners in an efficient manner that assures our citizens and visitors remain safe and have unimpeded access. To continue to provide streets and ditch maintenance in a timely and capable manner in accordance with scheduling needs and the needs of our citizens.


  • To enhance the effectiveness of the stormwater management systems within the Town of Kill Devil Hills through continued ditch and culvert cleaning and maintenance, as well as implementation of improvements and additions to the system.
  • Continue maintenance of Town-owned right-of-ways through mowing, trimming and debris clearance.
  • To respond to the needs of our citizens ensuring safe vehicular passage on town streets through prompt and efficient street repair.


The Streets Division participates in meetings of the Town's Street Improvements and Special Projects Committee (SISPC). This public body meets on an as-needed basis, usually prior to a regularly scheduled Planning Board meeting.