Re-Entry Questions and Answers

Re-Entry Questions & Answers

Dare County Emergency Management has provided some great information on staged re-entry following a storm event. For more information or questions, please visit the staged re-entry site below or contact Dare County Emergency Management at 252-475-5655.  

When can I come back?

The Dare County Control Group, after reviewing damage assessment reports, will broadcast what areas will be open and who will be allowed to return. For re-entry information contact the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau at 877.629.4386 (all of Dare County). Re-entry information will also be available on the Dare County website at

How does re-entry work?

If necessary, re-entry will occur in four phases; priority one, priority two, priority three and priority four. Priority one includes essential utilities, government, medical and damage assessment personnel. Priority two includes residents and essential personnel for critical businesses. Priority three includes non-resident property owners and non-resident employees of non-critical businesses. Priority four includes visitors and the general public.

Re-Entry Information for Businesses 

Where do I get re-entry passes?

Non-resident property owners should have received re-entry permits in the mail at the address associated with their property tax bill. Business owners are responsible for contacting Emergency Management for re-entry permits and passes for employees. Residents will need a valid NC driver's license with their address or a current tax receipt. Permits are not issued 72 hours prior to a projected landfall of a tropical disturbance or hurricane.

If a re-entry pass is lost, what type of identification will I need to get into the county?

You will not be allowed entry into the county if you lose your re-entry passes or permits unless you have a valid NC driver's license with a local address or a recent tax receipt showing ownership of property along with proper identification.

Will I be turned away if I come back?

Re-entry after a storm may be restricted. Prior to returning to the area determine if you have credentials to gain re-entry before traveling. Questions or concerns? Call 252.475.5655 or 877.629.4386. Also, if visiting the area, contact your property management or hotel/motel to confirm it's available and open.

After I evacuate when can I come back?

Re-entry will be announced as soon as the extent of damage to the county can be determined. Public safety is the utmost concern at this time. It may be several hours or many weeks. Announcements by the Control Group will be made through all media resources and regarding re-entry decisions.

My family is coming to the Outer Banks next week on vacation, will everything be okay by then?

Any plans to visit the Outer Banks should be confirmed before traveling to the area. All vacation rental properties must be assessed for safety before you will be allowed access. Don't risk coming and having to turn around once arriving. Contact your rental agency or hotel/motel before leaving on your trip to verify your property or room is available.

Why do residents get to come in before non-residents?

The Dare County Control Group determines the re-entry process. Residents are returning to their homes to assess damages and begin the recovery process before returning to work. Law enforcement officials will protect non-resident properties.

What is the process of receiving a re-entry permit?

Resident property owners are determined from the tax list and vehicle registration. Non-residents are determined by the tax listing. Re-entry permits are mailed to the address listed on tax documentation. Residents do not need a re-entry permit, just a valid driver's license with a current Dare County address.

What do I need to have to get in if I don't have a permit?

 A valid NC driver's license with a Dare County address.

Can we come over and pick up a re-entry sticker?

No re-entry stickers will be issued 72 hours prior to expected landfall or following an evacuation order.

When can I come back to the Outer Banks?

After the storm has passed, damage assessment teams will provide information on the extent of damage to the Control Group. Depending on this report, decisions will be made on who will be allowed back and when it will be announced.

Do you need carpenters, tree surgeons, carpet cleaners, etc. from outside the area to rebuild?

After the storm damage assessment teams will do extensive review of all areas. The NC Division of Emergency Management will publish a telephone number for all those interested in providing goods and services after the storm has passed. No one should attempt to enter the storm area unless proper authorization is approved.