Beach Safety Tips

We have the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful and clean beach. Please remove all personal items from the beach each day. In Kill Devil Hills, leaving items on the beach overnight is prohibited.

Items left on the beach can be harmful to people, including emergency responders, and wildlife, like hatchling sea turtles that must make their way to the water to survive.

And, don’t forget to fill in all sand holes, which also create extreme hazards for others when left unattended.

We want all people and wildlife to be able to continue enjoying a litter-free beach!

leave nothing but footprints on the beach 

Ocean conditions on the Outer Banks can change rapidly and without notice. Take extra precautions by signing up to receive beach related alerts by texting "Join OBXBEACHCONDITIONS" to 77295. Once you no longer need updates, simply text "STOP" .

Sign up to receive beach conditions

Swimming in the ocean is not the same as swimming in a pool or lake. Wind, waves, the change of the tide, the slope of the beach, an other factors can cause strong currents to be present in the water even on the calmest days. Ocean conditions can change from day to day and hour to hour. Before going in the water, spend a few moments watching the waves. Wave patterns are a good indicator of the presence of currents and of places where deep water and other "surprises" are located.

Break the Grip of the Rip Current

Beach Safety Tips - a brochure published by the Professional Lifeguards of the Outer Banks and the Outer Banks Visitor's Bureau.