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New June/July 2017 Schedule

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Town of Kill Devil Hills

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Kill Devil Hills Nourishment Moved Forward by Contractor

          There has been a major change in the beach nourishment schedule for the Town of Kill Devil Hills’ project.  Great Lakes Dock and Dredge (GLDD), the beach nourishment contractor, will begin nourishment dredging in Kill Devil Hills in late June or early July.  Completion of the Kill Devil Hills project is now anticipated to be in mid-August.  

          The overall nourishment project began in Duck in May, and GLDD has been operating three dredges to pump sand onto the beaches.  Originally, two of the three were to be relocated to another area away from the outer Banks during the month of June.  GLDD now anticipates that the Dodge and Padre Island Dredges will be available to stay on the Outer Banks until early to mid-July.  In order to maximize the production of these to dredges, they will construct the portion of the project closest to the offshore borrow area, which is Kill Devil Hills.            

          The bid package for the overall beach nourishment project, Duck/Southern Shores/Kitty Hawk/Kill Devil Hills, did not specific the order in which construction would proceed to allow Dare County the ability to maximize cost savings that could be achieved through scheduling flexibility. 

          GLDD will begin mobilizing in Kill Devil Hills immediately to prepare for dredging anticipated to begin in the coming weeks.  The company intends on landing a subline, which is a large steel pipe that leads out to the dredge from onshore, in Kill Devil Hills sometime early next week.  The Helga Street beach access remains GLDD’s staging site for the Kill Devil Hills’ project. 

          The Town of Kill Devil Hills will continue to provide up-to-date nourishment project reports on this website and through