Town Code

To access the Kill Devil Hills Town Code, click this link to visit the Town Code site, which is hosted by American Legal Publishing:

Kill Devil Hills Town Code

Select the links below to view recent ordinance amendments that have been adopted but are not yet codified into the Town Code:
19-1 Table of Special Ordinances - Designating property known as Wolcott Cottage and located at 3208 North Virginia Dare Trail as a Local Historic Landmark
19-2 Chapter 96, Seaside Regulations 
§96.21(A) Permits - Eligible vehicles: categorizing modified utility vehicles (MUTVs) as ineligible for beach driving
19-3 Ordinance enacting and adopting Supplement #17 to the Code of Ordinances for the Town of Kill Devil Hills
19-4 Chapter 153, Zoning, 
§153.210 Site Requirements –Light Industrial Two Zone – Increase Floor Area Ratio for Multi-Family Development
Chapter 153, Zoning, §153.310 & §153.310 – Cottage Court(s) & Cluster Homes – Remove requirement to abut NC 12: Commercial and Ocean Impact Residential Zone
Chapter 153, Zoning, §153.100 & §153.180 – Ocean Impact Residential Zone (OIR) and Commercial Zone (C) – Add Density Requirements for Cottage Court(s) & Cluster Homes
Chapter 153, Zoning, §153.076 – Off-Street Parking and Loading -Add sidewalk requirements for Cottage Courts and Cluster Homes

19-8 Chapter 153, Zoning, §153.002 Definitions & §153.177(H)(8) Outdoor Dining Activity Area(s): Allow Sail Shade(s)

Change the Mayor’s Term of Office to Four Years and clarify Mayoral voting rights

19-12 Chapter 153, Zoning, §153.117 Low Density Residential Zone Special Use(s) - Add Cluster Home(s)

19-13 Chapter 96, Seaside Regulations - updating the seasonal beach driving program

19-14 Ordinance enacting and adopting Supplement #18 to the Code of Ordinances for the Town of Kill Devil Hills 

19-15 Chapter 153, Zoning, §153.076(A)(9)(h) & §153.076(D) Off-Street Parking and Loading—Create Parking and Driveway Requirements for Emergency Services Facilities

19-16 Chapter 113, Fiber Optic Cable Services - replacing Chapter 113, Cable Services section and establishing Fiber Optic Cable Service section, which permits fiber optic cable service franchise with the Town.

19-17 Chapter 153, Zoning, §153.211(B) Light Industrial Two Zone & §153.231(B) Light Industrial One Zone — Modify Mixed Use Development Setback Requirements

19-18 Chapter 153, Zoning, §153.315 (B) Accessory Dwelling Units, §153.116 (C) Low Density Residential Zone Permitted Uses, §153.156 (E) High Density Residential Zone Permitted Uses — Add Accessory Dwelling Units for Long Term Occupancy