Town Code

To access the Kill Devil Hills Town Code, click this link to visit the Town Code site, which is hosted by American Legal Publishing:

                                              Kill Devil Hills Town Code

Please select the links below to view recent ordinance amendments that have been adopted but are not yet codified into the Town Code:

17-1  Chapter 153, Zoning - §153.080 Electrical and Communication Services – clarify communication services

17-2 Chapter 153, Zoning - §153.075(C) Telecommunication Towers – Use Guidelines and Dimensional Requirements – to modify setbacks for Monopole Towers

17-3  Adopted Town Budget for Fiscal Year 2019/2020

17-4  Chapter 130, General Offenses – 130.40 et seq., to address issues of e-cigarettes and vaping products

17-5 Chapter 111.  Deleting Chapter 111: Peddlers and Itinerant Vendors with Chapter 111: Special Events - Charitable Events  

17-6 Chapter 94, Animals, §94.40 - to permit children under 12 at Paws Park, if under the supervision of an adult who is physically in the park. 

17-7 Chapter 10, General Provisions, §10.18 Authorization to Issue Civil Citations - updating the listing of staff authorized to issue civil citations on behalf of the Town.

17-8 Chapter 153, Zoning: §153.072 Sewage Disposal— Update Sewage Disposal Regulatory Agencies

17-9 Chapter 153, Zoning, §153.070 Stormwater Management— Clarify Commercial and One and Two-Family Dwelling Requirements and Create Maintenance Requirements 

17-10 Chapter 33, Civil Emergencies.  Complete revision of Chapter 33, creating Chapter 33: Emergency Management

17-11 Chapter 130, General Offenses, §130.11 Consumption and Storage of Alcoholic Beverages on Town Property –to establish regulations prohibiting open alcoholic beverage at the disc golf course

17-12 Ordinance adopting Supplement #16 to the Code of Ordinances for Kill Devil Hills

17-15 Ordinance designating the Brightbill-Jensen Cottage, located at 202 East Arch Street, as a Local Historic Landmark

17-16 Ordinance designating the Savage Cottage, located at 2043 Norfolk Street, as a Local Historic Landmark 

17-17 Chapter 153, Zoning, §153.071 Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control – to update the ordinance to meet state requirements 

17-18 Chapter 153, Zoning, §153.076 Off Street Parking and Loading – reduction in parking setbacks with marked access aisle (No Parking) for structures with 11 or more bedrooms

Chapter 153, Zoning, §153 Setbacks in each Zoning District – additional two feet of side yard setback for single-family and duplex dwellings greater than 6,000 square feet with exception for fire suppression systems

17-20 Chapter 153, Zoning, §153.073 Landscaping Requirements – modify landscaping requirements to include single-family and duplex dwellings with greater than 6,000 square feet lot coverage

17-21 Chapter 153, Zoning, §153.310 Cottage Court(s) and §153.311 Cluster Homes – modify cottage court(s) and cluster homes minimum lot dimensions abutting NC 12

17-22 Adopted Town Budget for Fiscal Year 2020/2021

17-23 Chapter 151, Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance – 2020 revisions, Adopted 2020  FEMA Flood Maps

17-24 Chapter 153, Zoning - 153.077 - modifications to allow LED string accent lights in the Commercial Zone

17-25 Chapter 153, Zoning - 153.181 (B) Setbacks for Mixed Use Development (Dwelling and Business) – Request to modify setback for mixed use development to commercial standards rather than residential standards

17-26 Ordinance to extend the Corporate Limits of the Town of Kill Devil Hills

17-27 Chapter 153, Zoning - 153.076(D) Off-Street Parking and Loading -modify Table of Parking Requirements for Retail, Office and Related Uses

17-28 Chapter 153, Zoning - 153.002 Definition add definition for Accessory Dwelling Unit; add 153.315 Accessory Dwelling Units (new section); and 153.176 Commercial, 153.206 Light Industrial 2 and 153.226 Light Industrial 1- add Accessory Dwelling Unit as a Permitted Use

17-29 Chapter 153, Zoning - Reduce minimum lot size to 15,000 square feet for Duplex Dwelling Units in 153.160(B)(2) Residential High, 153.180(B)(2) Commercial, 153.210(B)(2) Light Industrial 2 and 153.230(B)(2) Light Industrial 1

18-1 Chapter 153, Zoning - §153.076(A)(12)(d) Off-Street Parking and Loading to allow stacked employee parking for hotels and motels

18-2 Chapter 31, Board and Committees - §31.20 Community Appearance Commission - removal of membership requirements and replacement of the Planning Board representative with a regular member

KDH amendments mandated by North Carolina General Statute
 160D Planning & Development reorganization: 

18-3 Chapter 152, Subdivisions

18-4 Chapter 153, Zoning

18-5 Chapter 10, General Provisions

18-6 Chapter 30, Board of Commissioners, Town Officers

18-7 Chapter 31, Boards and Commissions

18-8 Chapter 150, Building Regulations

18-14 Chapter 153, Zoning, §153.227 Light Industrial One Zone Special Uses – Add “Tattoo Studio” 

18-15 Chapter 96, Seaside Regulations - to amend beach driving requirements 

18-16 Chapter 153, Zoning, §153.077 Signs – allowing strings of electric light bulbs for approved Outdoor Dining/Activity Area(s)