ORD Informational Videos

KDH Ocean Lifeguards 2014 Season -  Every summer, lifeguards with Kill Devil Hills Ocean Rescue help keep our beach safe for visitors and locals alike. This program follows the guards over the course of a busy summer season as they handle life-threatening emergencies, assist beach patrons, save wildlife, and contend with everything from foul weather to fire pits. 

Rip Current Dye Tracking - Rip currents are among the leading causes of surf injuries along America's coastlines. Learning to identify rip currents is important safety skill for swimmers, surfers and ocean enthusiasts to learn. Scientists from the UNC Coastal Studies Institute and Kill Devil HIlls Ocean Rescue recently used flourescein dye to track rip currents within the surf zone.

KDH Ocean Lifeguard Training 2014 Season - This video segment highlights the stories of and training involved with the Town's lifeguard staff, who keep the beaches safe for residents and visitors. 

The Story of Barnacle (the Sea Turtle) - This segment broadcast on Destination Dare, the Government Channel's news magazine program. The video was submitted by the Town of Kill Devil Hills and it highlights the work by KDH Ocean Rescue staff and others in saving a turtle named Barnacle. 

Rip Current Awareness - This video, produced by in-house videographer talent and the Ocean Rescue Division, will help you learn more about the technical aspects of ocean surf conditions and rip current safety.