Beach Nourishment Project Maps

New Project Map for Beach Nourishment - Duck, Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk and
Kill Devil Hills

The following map is current as of May 19, 2017.  It is tentative and subject to change.  You may access a PDF of this map here.
2017-05-17 Dare County Schedule page.5.17.2017 (2)

KDH Shoreline Access Map 

Below is a map showing the shoreline accesses in the Town of Kill Devil Hills.  It also shows the accesses will be temporarily affected at some point during the upcoming beach nourishment project.  Please note: most access points are expected to only be affected for a short time before the sand replenishment project moves along the beach.  Here is a link to a printable version of the KDH Shoreline Access Map.
KDH Shoreline Accesses Map.3.2017

​Amended Municipal Service District for Beach Nourishment

The maps below are the December 12, 2016 adopted Kill Devil Hills Municipal Services District for Beach Nourishment, amended from its original adoption in 2015.
MSD Reduction Map.12.12.2016
MSD Reduction removed.12.12.2016