Personal Preparedness and Protection

Being aware of potential storms and having a plan is very important. Preparation is key to protecting yourself and your property during a storm event.

Storm and emergency preparedness are keys to protection. Before the storm season, make sure your homeowners and flood insurance policies are in place and up to date. If it becomes necessary to file insurance claims, photos and detailed inventories of property will be very helpful. Develop a plan that includes the answers to: how will I obtain necessary and current information? how will I protect my family and property? Make sure your plan includes all available evacuation routes.

Take the first step in preparation by visiting the Kill Devil Hills Planning Department at 102 Town Hall Drive, off Colington Road. We have valuable publications, brochures and fact sheets from FEMA and NFIP that can help you become better informed about how you can minimize your risk of loss during a storm or flood event.