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Way to go, Kill Devil Hills!

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.”
– Helen Keller

Kill Devil Hills’ Facilities Update

As a result of damage left behind from Hurricane Dorian, the Town’s dog park and disc golf course were closed to the public. Town Staff and volunteers worked persistently to clean up both facilities, making them safe for everyone. As of this afternoon, September 11th, both the Paws Park and the Casey R. Logan Disc Golf Course have reopened to the public.

KDH Logo copy - clear 1Hurricane Dorian Reports from the

KDH Public Services Department

Town employees continuously work before, during, and after storm related events to provide a quality level of service and safety to our citizens. The below information contains a few examples of such instances and documents some of the preparation and clean-up efforts made by several divisions of the Kill Devil Hills Public Services Department, in regards to Hurricane Dorian.

Streets Division: 

Over the last month, the Town received two significant rain events each with over 4” of rainfall. At which time, the Streets Division Staff worked promptly and meticulously on all drainage ditches.  All major ditches were mowed or cleaned following the rain events. In preparation for Hurricane Dorian, Staff accelerated maintenance activities by checking all outfalls and ditches. All of this prep work was beneficial with the limited impacts from Hurricane Dorian. Unfortunately following the hurricane, on Monday, September 9th, KDH received an estimated additional 4 – 5” of rain in roughly 1.5 hours. With the amount of rain fall occurring so quickly on already saturated soils, many stormwater systems were overwhelmed, causing large amounts of standing water.

The conditions improved throughout the day, on Monday, September 9th, with most roads dry by the evening.  However, several low areas in Town may still have some standing water. While areas without formal drainage systems will take longer to recover, the standing water will continue to recede, provided continued dry conditions.  Citizens in areas served by drainage systems should steadily continue to notice great improvements. Town Staff will continue with daily drainage system checks to ensure there are no blockages. 

The Streets Division also:

  • Replaced numerous stop signs that were damaged during the winds
  • Removed hazards on the beach identified by Ocean Rescue (Avalon Pier debris)
  • Removed down or leaning trees from roadways

Solid Waste Division:

  • Removed barrels from the beach accesses
  • Rolled back all refuse carts that were left in the right-of-ways
  • Provided an adjusted collection for the East Side to empty any full cans created by departing guests
  • Served several hundred customers that disposed of items before the storm, by keeping the Recycle Center/Dry Trash Drop-Off Centers open and staffed

Water Systems and Water Plant Division:

  • Systems Staff maintain on-call services during Dorian and responded to assist Power Companies locate requests in an effort to restore power
  • Plant Staff manned the Water Pump Stations through the storm and operated the pump stations on generator power to maintain our water system throughout the event
  • Plant Staff also worked with contractors to secure the elevated tower under construction, prior to the impacts of Dorian. This tower appears to have no damage. The tank to be replaced did suffer some sway rod damage and that repair work is currently being scheduled.

Staff from the KDH Public Services Department also assisted in the Town’s damage assessment reporting following Hurricane Dorian. We appreciate the public’s patience when emergency situations arise. All KDH Staff members will continue with post-Hurricane Dorian recovery efforts and future storm preparations. 


KDH Paws Park Update from QD:

QD, here! I wanted to update all of my four-legged friends and their owners on the status of the Paws Park in KDH. Town Staff have been working to make the Paws Park safe for everyone following Hurricane Dorian. As of now, Tuesday, September 10th, the section for us small dogs and the section for senior dogs/dogs with special needs are open and accessible. However, due to excessive amounts of standing water and several downed trees, the area for large dogs to play is unsafe and remains closed. Town Staff will share an update when the large dog area has been made safe.

Sniff ya later,

KDH Storm Debris Collection Information

69496525_2659392074070838_1940046795006541824_nPlease begin piling storm-related debris into SEPARATE PILES in the right-of-way:

  • Vegetative Debris (limbs, leaves, branches, sea grass, etc.)
  • Construction and Demolition Materials (building materials, shingles, etc.)
  • Metal (appliances)
  • Please Note: Household Hazardous Waste and Electronics should be brought to the Recycle Center.

For the full text of the requested amendments, please visit the September 11, 2019 Commissioners Meeting Page

KDH National Night Out Event

Check out highlights of our KDH National Night Out event!  Special thanks to everyone who came out to the event, and to all the organizations and groups that made it possible!

The Town of Kill Devil Hills Presents....

Elvis Stories - Beach Litter

Please help us keep the beaches, rights-of-way, public parking areas, roads and public trash receptacle areas clear of litter.  

July 2019 Blotter

July 2019 Police Blotter

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2019 Solid Waste Collection Information

For a downloadable, printable 2019 Collection Schedule: 2019 Collection Schedule

Residential Trash Collection  

Twice-Per Week Collection - April 1, 2019 - November 1, 2019

East Side of Highway 158 - Mondays and Thursdays

West Side of Highway 158 - Tuesdays and Fridays

Once-Per Week Collection - November 4, 2019 - March 27, 2020

East Side of Highway 158 - Mondays 

West Side of Highway 158 - Tuesdays 

Please call the Town’s Public Services Office at 252-480-4080 for more information.