Ocean Rescue Division

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The Ocean Rescue Division is located at the Ocean Bay Boulevard Regional Access building. The building is located at 103 S. Virginia Dare Trail at approximately the 8.5 milepost, at the end of Ocean Bay Boulevard, on the oceanfront.

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Flags on the Beach: Their Meaning

Yellow Flags

Yellow indicates strong currents, swim with caution.  If in doubt, ALWAYS ask a lifeguard.

Yellow Flag 4

Red Flags

Red indicates NO SWIMMING, usually due to rough surf and/or strong currents.

Red Flag 3

Beach Accesses with Fixed Guard Stands

Lifeguards are on stands 10:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. from Memorial Day to Labor Day, with a roving patrol through October 15

(Please note: weather or labor restrictions may mandate reduction in staffing and/or removal of lifeguard stands)

  • Helga Street

  • Hayman Street (H, PP, S)

  • Eden Street

  • Avalon Drive

  • 5th Street (PP)

  • 3rd Street (H,O, S, W)

  • 2nd Street (H, PP, W, S)

  • 1st Street (PP, W, H, S)

  • Coral Drive

  • Asheville Drive (H, O, PP, S, W)

  • Woodmere Avenue (H, PP, S, W)

  • Carlow Avenue (H, O, PP, W, H, S)

  • Ocean Bay Boulevard (BH, H, O, PP, W, S)

  • Oregon Avenue (PP)

  • Baum Street

  • Clark Street (H, PP, W, S)

  • Martin Street (H, PP, W, S)

  • Atlantic Street (H, PP, W, S)

  • Ocean Acres Beach Access (Neptune Drive)

  • Lake Drive

  • Eighth Street (H, O, PP, S, W)


H = Handicapped Parking

O = Handicapped Access to Beach Overlook

W = Wood Walkway to Beach

BH = Public Bathhouse

S = Shower

PP = Paved Parking

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We can also help 

Physically challenged persons enjoy our beaches by transporting a wheelchair designed especially for the beach over the dune-line. The Ocean Rescue Division maintains a beach wheelchair that enables "mobility challenged" persons to go out onto the beach and enjoy the seashore. The original beach wheelchair was provided through a grant from Easter Seals North Carolina and the Kate B. Reynolds Foundation. There is, however, a requirement that persons borrowing the chair must be able to load it into their vehicle without the Fire Department's assistance, on the theory that the members of the department cannot be there to help get the chair out to the beach and back in the vehicle to return it. Call or come by Ocean Rescue Division to make arrangements.