Building Inspections

Development Requirements

When is a permit needed?

Depending on the type of proposed development; a building, zoning, flood, erosion control, CAMA, etc. permit may be required. Below are general permit guidelines, but every project is unique. To inquire about what, if any, permits you will need for your project please call 252-449-5318.

  • all new construction, additions and remodel/repair jobs require a permit 
  • any plumbing, electrical, mechanical work regardless of cost
  • fences
  • storage sheds and accessory structures

General Information needed to obtain a permit:

  • a blue line survey of property prepared by a North Carolina land surveyor
  • two sets of building plans
  • Dare County Health Department permit or approval
  • any other state or federal permits including CAMA

Check out the Planning & Inspections Forms page for useful forms to assist you in applying for permits for both residential and commercial projects.

Questions regarding the review process for commercial construction, renovation, and change of use? Contact Cameron Ray or Ryan Lang

Questions regarding the review process for residential construction and renovation?

Contact Donna Elliot or Ryan Lang

Questions regarding commercial and residential construction process, including building inspections?

Contact Marty Shaw or Charles Thuman