Animal Control Division

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Duties and Responsibilities

The Animal Control Division is responsible for enforcing the Town's ordinances regarding animals, along with operating and maintaining the Kill Devil Hills Animal Shelter.  

General Ordinances - Animals

Ordinance - Animals on the Beach


The goal of the Animal Control Division is to provide a safe and pleasant community environment for our residents and visitors where families and their pets can live together in a complementary and balanced manner.



  • To reduce animal control violation through strengthened enforcement of the Town Code, education of our citizens and visitors on ordinances related to animal control issues, and enhanced communication. 
  • To minimize euthanasia of domestic pet animals by providing our citizens with opportunities for pet adoption through the Kill Devil Hills Animal Shelter. 
  • To provide our citizens, visitors and their pets more opportunities to enjoy our unique environment by supplying pet waste clean-up stations that help minimize nuisance problems associated with animal feces, such as surface water pollution and other threats to human health and welfare.

Dog License Renewal

Licenses and renewals are due in January of each year.  Visit our Dog License site for more information.