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Community Programs

Kill Devil Hills Police Department Community Programs

Ident-A-Kid.  The Ident-A-Kid program is offered by the Kill Devil Hills Police Department to help record important information about children in case they run away, are abducted or otherwise go missing.  Biographical information is recorded, fingerprints and photographs are taken of each child.  This information is NOT maintained by the Police Department; rather it is left with the parents who will have it ready to provide to any law enforcement agency who might need it on short notice to help locate a missing child.  Residents can stop by the police department with their child for fingerprinting and photographing and to pick up the Ident-A-Kid package.  Many local event organizers request the police department participate in their planned activity by setting up an Ident-A-Kid booth.

 IMG_0368.jpeg  Explorers Fingerprinting 002.jpg
 Explorers Alpine Towers 002.jpg  Explorers Alpine Towers 015.jpg
The Kill Devil Hills Police Department offers a Law Enforcement Explorer Program for those interested between ages 14-20. The mission of the program is to allow students to see if they would like a career in the law enforcement field. Besides learning from the Basic Law Enforcement Training Manual, cadets wear a uniform to shadow officers on the job, gain CPR training, learn defense tactics, and receive firearms training and how to recognize a threatening subject. Cadets receive volunteer hours and after some training, they may assist the KDH police department with such situations as traffic control and flagging.

The Law Enforcement Exploring program is sponsored by the Virginia Coastal Plains Boy Scouts, and led by KDH Police Officer Sarah McDowell. The program is nationwide but has just started in KDH this year, with three local high school students, and now has extended to 12 members. There is a $15 student fee paid to the Boy Scouts to cover one’s insurance for a year. Meetings are the first and third Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m., located in the meeting room at the Administrations Building, 102 Town Hall Drive, off of Colington Road.

Eventually, Officer McDowell would like to see the program become self-sufficient enough where cadets may take over and continue to educate new students.

In addition to the meetings and volunteer opportunities, students may receive trophies based on skills from beginner to advanced, at the annual June Academy Conference in Salemburg, NC.

For more information on the Law Enforcement Explorers Club, and how to sign up, contact Officer Sarah McDowell at (252) 449-5337. 
                                                                                                                                                  Citizen's Police Academy The Citizen's Police Academy is designed to build a bond of mutual trust and respect between the police department and the community.  Additionally the academy highlights the importance of citizen participation in public safety, so that the community may remain free from the fear of crime.

For more about the Citizen's Police Academy and an application please click here.   To
watch a video about the Citizen's Police Academy click here

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