January 9, 2017 Board of Commissioners Meeting

                                                      NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING 

NOTICE is hereby given that on Monday, January 9, 2017 at 5:30 o’clock p.m. the Kill Devil Hills Board of Commissioners will hold a regularly scheduled meeting in the Meeting Room at the Administration Building, 102 Town Hall Drive, off Colington Road.  The public is cordially invited to attend. 

Call to Order 
Pledge of Allegiance and Moment of Silence 
Agenda Approval 
Public Comment 
Response to Public Comment 
Introductions and Presentations
1. Presentation of Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for FY 2015/2016 and Award for Excellence in Financial Reporting FY 2015
Old Business 
New Business 
1. Revised Flood Insurance Rate Maps presentation
2. Recommended revision of water initial hook-up fee schedule
Commissioners’ Agenda 
Mayor’s Agenda 
Town Manager’s Agenda 
Town Attorney’s Agenda 
Consent Agenda 

Posted this 5th day of January 2017. 

Mary E. Quidley 
Town Clerk