Hurricane Preparedness

Be Prepared for a Storm Event!  

Prepare yourself and your family for a storm event.  Here's some great information from Dare County Emergency Management on how to be ready: What You Should Know.
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The Town of Kill Devil Hills has a hurricane preparedness and response plan that describes a system for the effective use of Kill Devil Hills’ resources to preserve the health, safety, and welfare of those persons affected during storm-related emergencies.

The statement of procedures is a guideline and compilation of established policies and information. It is understood and accepted that actual procedures may be amended to accommodate unique characteristics of individual disaster events.


Establish comprehensive guidelines, procedures, and policies that will facilitate the organized accomplishment and smooth transition of disaster preparedness for the departments and staff of the Town of Kill Devil Hills:
  • To assure that open communication is maintained to the best of our abilities with our citizens and visitors;
  • To provide comprehensive accurate preparedness and response information and resources that can be communicated to our citizens, property owners and visitors to help in their decision-making process;
  • To provide each group and staff with the most up-to-date and current information available; and,
  • To coordinate each function of preparedness, response and recovery in an orderly manner.

Additional Information

Please contact Town Clerk Mary Quidley, by telephone at 252-449-5302, or by email to, if you have any questions about Kill Devil Hills Hurricane Preparedness and Response Plan.

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