Planning & Inspections Forms

Permit Applications

Commercial Site Plan Review Application

Residential Building Permit Application

Fee Schedule - below is the 2015-2016 fee schedule for the Town. Included are development review and building permit fees which be used to estimate permitting costs for projects. 

2015-2016 Fee Schedule

Trade Affidavits - In any construction project where licensed professional work is required, these affidavits are required to be submitted as a part of the process.

Electrical Affidavit

Gas Piping Affidavit

Mechanical Affidavit

Plumbing Affidavit

Owner Consent Form - Whenever a contractor is acquiring a permit for a property owner, this form must be submitted:

Owner Consent Form

Questions?  Please contact the Planning & Inspections Department at 252-449-5318 for more information.