Commissioner Michael Midgette

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Commissioner Midgette is a native of the area and therefore is very familiar with the issues and concerns of the local population and the seasonal variations that affect the local economy. Michael ran for office because of his desire to take a more active role in the community. His professional career in a variety of both retail and service businesses has provided a broad overview of the economic aspects of this area and the critical importance of a thriving tourism industry in keeping the local financial system healthy.

A completed sidewalk system or other pedestrian friendly walkway along U.S. 158 is a primary goal for Michael. He also feels strongly about the importance of the building industry to the economy and keeping regulations reasonable for both safety and enabling developers to use new technology.
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Commissioner Midgette supports beach nourishment and funding that endeavor without the use of federal funds which might constrain local access in an undesirable fashion.

With innovative thinking, Michael hopes to lead Kill Devil Hills in a direction of expanding the tourism-based economy to other fields that are not seasonal and would lend a more stable year-round income for its citizens.  Commissioner Midgette has recently obtained his real estate license and is currently employed with Diamond Resorts International.  This new venture will hopefully add to his insight of the inner workings of the local economy and add to his insight of local revenues.