Baum Tract Site Study Committee


The BTSSC is in the final stages of coordination and when its first meeting is scheduled notification will be placed on the Town's website and distributed through standard and electronic means.


The Baum Tract Site Study Committee (BTSSC) was established by formal appointments by the Board of Commissioners at the October 8, 2012 meeting. It is composed of a total of 10 members, of which the chair is non-voting. In September 2012 the Board of Commissioners selected Commission Mike Hogan to chair the BTSSC.


This new group will be responsible for studying and recommending potential use(s) for a 44-acre site located on the western edge of the Baum Tract that adjoins Buzzard Bay and the Nags Head Wood Ecological Preserve. This site is owned by the Town of Kill Devil Hills.

To accomplish this task and provide the Board with recommendations that are based on open-minded and thoughtful dialogue and discourse, applications were sought from Kill Devil Hills’ residents to form a diverse group representative of a variety of property types, property locations, occupations, viewpoints, and environmental opinions. All members of the BTSSC are citizens of the Town.

Future Possibilities

Possibilities that may be considered by the BTSSC include but are not limited to:
  • Leaving the property as greenspace
  • Establishing a recreational plan for the site
  • Selling or leasing the site for commercial usage/development
  • Selling the site for residential development
  • Maintaining the site for current/future usage by the Town of Kill Devil Hills.
In its considerations the BTSSC may utilize current plans and guides, ordinances, and policies.