Town Code

To access the Kill Devil Hills Town Code, click this link to visit the Town Code site, which is hosted by American Legal Publishing:

                                                               Kill Devil Hills Town Code

The following ordinances were adopted by the Board of Commissioners but have not yet been codified (added to the Town Code).  Click on each to view:

15-6 Chapter 153, Zoning - To address regulation of outdoor display and storage of merchandise for businesses

15-7 Chapter 153, Zoning - To modify pool and hot tub sales to eliminate restriction on outdoor display

15-8 Chapter 153, Zoning - To require combination of lots for single development

15-9 Ordinance Designating Perry/Owens Cottage as a Local Historic Landmark

15-10 Ordinance Designating the Young/Croarkin Cottage as a Local Historic Landmark

15-11 Chapter 130, General Offenses, Noise Exemptions - To include beach nourishment services contractors