Solid Waste Management

Services Provided
Residential, Commercial and Beach Refuse Collections, Drop Off and Curbside Recycling, Dry Trash Drop Off Yard

The Solid Waste Management Division provides residential and commercial solid waste collections for the incorporated portions of the Town of Kill Devil Hills. Solid waste is collected and transported to a commercially operated Transfer Station located off Hwy 264 between Manns Harbor and Stumpy Point. This division also provides large item collections to aid residents with disposal of furniture, white goods and yard debris. In addition to the normal large item collections, which are held twice a year, in the Spring and Fall, a Christmas tree collection is provided in January. A Recycling Center/Dry Trash Drop Off Center is located at 701 Bermuda Bay Boulevard for disposal of recyclables, construction and demolition waste and certain household hazardous waste items throughout the year.

Beach Access Recycling
During the 2009/2010 school year, a group of First Flight High School Civics Class students wrote to the Sentinel Newspaper regarding the need for recycling containers at Kill Devil Hills' beach accesses. Agreeing with the students, the Board of Commissioners agreed to contract with Outer Banks Hauling to place recycling carts at selected beach accesses this summer as a recycling pilot program that will allow personnel to evaluate the overall effectiveness of such a program. Used properly, the carts will remove a great deal of recyclable materials from our waste stream and

The beach access recycling program is a notable achievement that illustrates how anyone can make a difference. In this case, the students who originally identified the need for the beach recycling containers came to know that their voices were heard, that their efforts made a positive difference to our area and our environment. They played a pivotal role in bringing about change.

  • Dry Trash Drop Off and Recycle Center Services and Guidelines 
  • Bulk Trash Collection Guidelines
  • 2015 Solid Waste Advanced Collection Schedule
Residential Curbside Recycling Program
Collection of residential recyclables from the roadside is provided by Bay Disposal & Recycling. Recyclables may be co-mingled in a single roll-out container provided by the company. The monthly cost for this important service is $7.82 per house, per month. Remember, this is a voluntary, subscription-type service that citizens can subscribe to by making arrangements through the company. Please call 252-491-5105 or check the brochure.